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What is burlesque?

Burlesque is an erotic art form which features teasingly pealing off layers of clothing to reveal the beautiful body underneath. While many people traditionally think of pinups and classically beautiful showgirls when they think of burlesque, the modern wave of neo-burlesque is body-positive and gender-positive. Burlesque today is fiercely political and unapologetically feminist. It is one of the rare art forms to celebrate all bodies. It is also highly entertaining and will thrill any audience. 

Through her career, Bustie La Tish has developed acts that span the whole range from laugh out loud to shed a tear via stimulating your secret place. 

As the Netherlands' plus-size performer, she is proud to inspire any audience to find the beauty within themselves. She shows off her curves, jiggles her flab and grabs her tummy, showing a different way to connect to bigger bodies.  If you are creating an event where you want diverse bodies, you must connect with Bustie.

Bustie's productions feature a range of diverse performers as she fundamentally believes in the power of representation.

Picture of Bustie La Tish Burlesque in lingerie boudoir by Lucie Klout

Picture by Lucie Klout

Who is burlesque for?


Picture by Rob Schippers

Picture of Bustie La Tish Burlesque Insomnia act at Carnivale Den Haag 2018 by photographer Rob Schippers

Picture by Rob Schippers

Because it is fun, colourful and exciting, burlesque is entertaining for any audience.

Burlesque however does feature sensuality and nudity, so if your beliefs are that children should not be exposed to naked bodies, please make sure they are not in the room when Bustie performs. If you are catering to a corporate or business audience, please think carefully before booking a burlesque performance as it will feature a stripping element. If you would rather have a dance performance or a walk around, please inform Bustie of your requirements but be aware that this will be a custom-made performance and not Bustie's award-winning burlesque acts.

Bustie's body-positive acts are especially well received by audiences who resonate with seeing diverse bodies on stage. Bustie works very closely with various LGBTQIA+ organisations and performs regularly at sex-positive events.

Nurse Bustie has also been booked by the international AIDS conference and the Dutch SOA conference.

Let's do this!

When booking Bustie, you have 2 options:

- book one of her award-winning acts, which have been perfected over years of performing on international stages


- ask her to create a custom-made performance of Bustie and friends

Book a burlesque act

Bustie's acts are about 4 minutes long and each have different themes, energy and requirements. You can scroll her acts yourself or contact her to discuss what is best suitable for your event. 

Before the event, you will agree with Bustie on performance location, day, time, travel, accommodation, event setup, lineup and payment. Bustie also needs technical information about music system, changing room, stage area and lights. Bustie will provide promotional pictures as required. Please tag her social media pages in any announcement. Bustie will promote your event on her social media pages unless it is a private event. 

On the day of the event, Bustie will arrive at the agreed time, use the changing room before and after her performance and deliver the performance as agreed. If you want Bustie to hang out with your guests, please make this clear.  

Please note - Bustie does not do physical interaction. This means she will not touch someone on their birthday, sit on their lap or give them a kiss. She will not use whipped cream or tie them up. If these are your requirements, you need a different type of performer. Bustie has a strict look but don't touch policy and you are responsible for her safety and for making sure your public respects her performance space.

After the event, you will receive the invoice by email including 9% BTW, which you will need to pay within 30 days. Please tag Bustie in any pictures or recordings taken at the event.

Sound good? Send a message!

Picture from Bustie La Tish Burlesque Nurse Bustie act by

Picture by

Picture of custom-made condom performance for SOA day at Club Church by Paul Wijssen

Picture by Paul Wijssen

Custom-made performance

Need Bustie to walk around or dance in beautiful costume but not strip?

Have a live band you want Bustie to dance to?

Organising an event and looking for a plus-size performer to cast?

Looking for a full show with several performers?

Thanks to Bustie's long experience, wardrobe full of costumes and large network of fabulous burlesque and drag performers to collaborate with, anything is possible!

Please note that asking for custom-made means asking for more - time, energy and money! So start early and be ready to brainstorm. Bustie knows how to work a crowd and will help you reach your entertainment goals. Bustie is especially skilled at building a show that showcases diverse bodies for body-positive feminist events.

Sound good? Send a message!

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