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GOSH! A Good Old Sexy Happening!

Sexy, irreverent and political, GOSH! stands for ‘a Good Old Sexy Happening’. A dreamy space between day and night with lyrical lip-syncs, sexy spoken word, entrancing dancing and lots and lots of burlesque!


GOSH! reunites an eclectic troupe of fierce burlesque and drag stars, ready to bare their souls - and bodies. Join our fabulous MC Coco LeMiel as she visits our fantastical night spirits and red hot fantasies. This late night show explores your darkest dreams and your hottest nightmares… 


What are feminist dreams made of? You’ll have to join us to find out, all we can say is that ours are once again filled with glitter and rainbows!


GOSH! plays with the concepts of gender and sexuality through the eyes of women and queer folks. We are raunchy, funny, poetic and political and we bare not only our bodies but also our souls. Each of our performers has been carefully hand-picked to bring you their unique vision. Together they form a beautiful kaleidoscope of all genders and body types that will restore your faith in humanity.


Here’s how our audience feels after seeing the show:


“So happy! Seeing all these beautiful people just having fun, taking up their space on the stage makes me feel good about the world, and also good about myself!”


“I am hyped. I am full of joy. Amazing.”


“Awesome, free, beautiful, confident”


Warning! All past editions of GOSH! were sold out, so get your tickets now

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GOSH! Logo by Studio BlaBla

Logo by Studio Bla-Bla

GOSH! door Sergei Rafaël Xavier Kogeldans.jpg

Picture by Sergei Rafaël Xavier Kogeldans

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