GOSH! A Good Old Sexy Happening!

In these days of political turmoil, hate crimes against minorities are rapidly rising, while women find themselves having to fight once again for basic rights. Demanding equality and fighting for representation of all minorities are seen as extremism. Bringing together a diverse cast of artists from censored, alternative art forms, GOSH! wants to remind the audience that we are all humans in different bodies and identities, and underneath it all, we all share one common need for love. 

Drag, burlesque and other fringe arts are all political expressions of gender and a reaction to the patriarchal oppression that LGBTQIA+ folks and women, particularly of color, face every day. Yet they remain invisible, censored by Facebook and Instagram, these art forms live in dark night clubs, unseen by mainstream audiences. By bringing these art forms together, we find the connections between these communities.

Sexy, irreverent and political, GOSH! is feminist, sex-positive, body-positive, gender-positive, age-positive, LGBTQIA+-positive, melanin-positive, sex-worker positive, disability-positive and featuring diverse artists of all bodies, genders and sexual orientation. The performances are a wild mix of raunchy, funny, poetic and political, taking the audience on a wild ride.

Each show centers around a specific concept, and presents a rotating cast of performers who showcase their art. Burlesque will be largely represented, as well as drag and other performance art.

We will give the stage to different artists who will each show their take on the concept of the theme of that specific GOSH! edition. Each artist is coming from a different perspective, both because of their skills and because of who they are. Together in one show, these artists represent the diversity of humanity by having straight bodies, queer bodies, small and large, young and old bodies.


The first edition of GOSH! This is love! will take place on 3,4,10 September 2021 at Boom Chicago thanks to the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, tickets will be available from August 2nd here. On 3 & 4 February 2022, GOSH! Feed me, Taste me, Eat me! will take place at Stadschouwburg Utrecht.

GOSH! Logo by Studio BlaBla

Logo by Studio Bla-Bla

GOSH! door Sergei Rafaël Xavier Kogeldans.jpg

Picture by Sergei Rafaël Xavier Kogeldans