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Bustie has acquired experience in a multitude of fields, by combining her daytime career and her burlesque career.

As such, she is able to coach and organise workshop on many different topics:

- public speaking

- producing

building a business case 

- branding

- act creation

- inclusivity & creating safe spaces

- burlesque for all genders

Coaching rates for an individual coaching session are 50 euros/hour. 

For a group session estimate, please contact Bustie.

Due to the current Covid situation, Bustie is offering a limited number of free coaching sessions for artists currently without income. If this applies to you, please contact Bustie to discuss your needs

Bustie La Tish Burlesque as Rosie the Riveter, feminist icon

If you are looking for burlesque classes, Bustie recommends:

the place where she first learned about burlesque, the Amsterdam Schools of Burlesque

- Rubyyy Jones' online burlesque lessons, which are completely gender-neutral and a lot of fun

- the only international burlesque conference, now online, Burlycon

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