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Cake sitting & Milk squirting

Bustie has a healthy food fetish. While this is definitely helping her maintain her curvy silhouette, it has also inspired her to create some deliciously filthy and kinky acts.In her food acts, Bustie challenges fat-phobia and reminds the audience of the sensual pleasures of eating.

Milk squirting 

Superball is Europe's biggest drag competition. 

Together with her drag house, Amsterdam's house of Hopelezz, Bustie performed at Superball in 2018 and 2019.

The house of hopelezz's performance in 2019 was based around the theme of sexual revolution. For months, the house members rehearsed a gender, racial and body diverse runway walk.


For the dance part of the competition, Bustie worked with a small group of Hopelezz members to develop a story-based dance performance illustrating the concept of sexual freedom.    

Bustie's character in this little play started as a stern cheerleading coach, but once touched by a horny little pig, turned into a sexually liberated, stripping power woman, squirting (oat) milk into the crowd through an ingenious tricked out pasties and bra combo.

That night, the house of Hopelezz snatched the trophy for the first time and Bustie's most iconic moment was born. 

Picture of Bustie La Tish and the House of Hopelezz at Superball 2019 in Paradiso by Jon Haywood

Picture by Jon Haywood

Bustie La Tish Burlesque after a cake sitting act, 2019, private collection

Cake sitting

It all started when Bustie decided to celebrate her birthday at Club Church in December 2019. While many showgirls decide to pop out of a cake, Bustie decided to use her biggest ass-et and just sit on her birthday cake.

While researching the historyof cake sitting, she was inspired by US-based Lindsay Dye, whose incredible art work and technique makes her the absolute queen cake sitting.

Bustie's take on the tasty matter is probably less poetic but definitely makes an impression. She seductively dances and strips before sitting and pounding on that poor cake as if her life depending on it.


Prepare to laugh, cry and be weirdly turned on by the spectacle of her round bottom covered in whipped cream and look for the cherry on top!


Bustie will sit on any cake you like - birthday, anniversary, retirement, wedding... Your creativity is the only limit.

Please note this acts is sexually suggestive so not advisable for a young audience. 


Also keep in mind when booking this act that it will create a whipped cream mess which needs to be contained and cleaned up. Bustie does not bear responsibility for any incidents that might occur from poor cleaning.

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